Canine Assistants


Canine Assistants is a nonprofit organization that trains service dogs to enhance and improve the lives of children and adults who have physical disabilities, seizure disorders, or other special needs. These extraordinary dogs can, among other things, turn on lights, open doors, pull wheelchairs, and even go for help in an emergency. They also provide security and ease social barriers. This allows their human partners to live happier, more productive lives. Founded by Jennifer Arnold in 1991, Canine Assistants is located near Atlanta, Georgia.

The majority of the dogs in the program are retrievers, and are born and bred on the premises. Puppy training is designed to increase resilience and build trust.

Recipients adopt their dogs; they do not pay for them. Instead, Canine Assistants covers the $20,000 lifelong costs of training, food, and medical care for each dog through sponsorships. The organization has placed over 1,000 assistance dogs to date.

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