Child Fund Japan


Child-focused one-to-one approach with our sponsors for 35 years. As a child-focused development organization, ChildFund Japan believes in the intrinsic value of each child that inspires and drives us to serve them by providing opportunity to develop their full potentials, making positive changes for their future. Its history roots back to 1952, when it was established as a recipient body for ChildFund International (formally Christian Children’s Fund) sponsorship funds in support of Japanese orphans following the World War II.

Individuals in America “sponsored” a war orphaned child living in child welfare institutions, the essence of sponsorship that inherited and continues to present. Since 1975, the work to support children was relayed by ChildFund Japan (formally Christian Child Welfare Association - CCWA) which has been working in the Philippines and Nepal to help deprived, excluded, and vulnerable children, families, and communities through meaningful, sustainable solutions. The essence of sponsorship approach is embedded in our organizational culture that connects people one-to-one.

In 2005, ChildFund Japan was registered a Non-Profit Organization and became the 12th member of ChildFund Alliance. In compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, we continue to serve impoverished children, families, and communities in education, healthcare, nutrition, and income generation areas through sponsorship, special assistance, and emergency relief and rehabilitation programs.


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