Japan Team of Young Human Power


JHP is short for JAPAN TEAM OF YOUNG HUMAN POWER. We are Non Governmental Organization established in 1993. We work mainly in Cambodia and our activities are focusing on 'School' and 'Education'. We have many young supporters who have strong desire for helping people.

After Iraq resorted to force against Kuwait and the Gulf War broke out in August of 1990, Mrs.Osanai and 6 others worked very hard to meet the needs of people at refugee camps in Jordan and established JIRAC. The members helped Kurdish refugees at the Iranian-Iraqi border in 1991. In 1992 and 1993, JIRAC performed relief activities at the Thai-Cambodian border for Cambodian refugees returning home. These activities made us fully realize the necessity of constructing schools for children. We made a "The Cambodian Children’s School Construction Organization" on September 15th, 1993. We renamed it "JHP" and adopted a membership fee system in April 1997. The National Tax Service recognized us as specified nonprofit corporation on October 2000 and was certified as an authorized NPO corporation on 1st January 2004, completing registration in November of the same year.


For More Information  http://www.jhp.or.jp/

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