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Airline Ambassadors International (AAI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization affiliated with the United Nations and recognized by the US Congress. It began as a network of airline employees using their pass privileges to help others and has expanded into a network of students, medical professionals, families and retirees who volunteer as "Ambassadors of Goodwill" in their home communities and abroad. It provides a way for members to share their unique skills and talents to care for others and bring compassion into action.

AAI provides humanitarian aid to children and families in need as well as relief and development to under-privileged communities worldwide. We escort children in need, hand-deliver humanitarian aid to orphanages, clinics, and remote communities, raise public awareness and involve youth in humanitarian efforts around the world.


Inspired by the UN Millennium Development Goals, we provide a way for individual travelers to participate and contribute to humanitarian relief and development projects worldwide. Our teams have made significant contributions to the world community, addressing issues of Poverty and Hunger, Education, Health, Child Welfare, Community Development and Disaster Relief.

Partnering with non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), schools, churches and civil society, we work with governments and leverage contacts with the travel industry to match world resource to world need. Thousands of our members volunteer their skills, time, finances and effort to become a direct link, providing humanitarian aid, tangible care and goodwill services, spanning countries and cultures throughout the globe.

How does Airline Ambassadors accomplish so much? We provide a structure for our members to volunteer and make a personal difference in the global community. We give you more than an ordinary travel experience: but a venue to apply your unique interests and skills to help others. This has helped to unleash creativity and resources heretofore untapped. Last year, our volunteers contributed over 89,000 hours of volunteer service and spent $500,000 of personal income. They helped establish orphanages, schools, clinics, feeding programs and vocational training, and agricultural programs and even inspired a law in the US Congress.

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